Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail. We only use precision engineered quality implants, and we treat our patients as we would wish to be treated.

The same family run ethos applies in Precision Implant Clinic as it does in our sister practice Cliffgar dental.

The difference is that we focus on primarily implant treatment solutions. Like all things in life, the more you do the better you get.

We feel by focusing on implant treatments, it has clear advantages for our patients. Combining this with our dedicated facilities, experienced dental team and some of the latest technology available, it gives us a clear edge in delivering a better quality and better value implant service to our patients.

Experienced and skilled staff.

All members of our dental team are experienced within their duties to deliver to patients the high level of care they require. Our dental nurses are highly experienced in sterility and implant surgery, our dentists have the high standard of skills required to deliver the implant treatment you require, our treatment coordinator… and reception staff… and are continually updating and improving theie skills as both technology and protocols develop.

Experience in dealing with anxious patients.

Detailed consultations.

The process of obtaining a dental implant begins with a detailed consultation to ascertain your needs, preferences, current oral health and the bone available for implants.

Our assessment takes note of your medical history, present oral health, including an examination of your teeth and soft tissue, x-rays and scans, digital intraoral scan and clinical photographs as appropriate before compiling a potential plan for treatment including an estimated costing.

We do our best to give you the most accurate estimate of cost we can in advance, however, some alteration is possible as the process progresses since we cannot plan for subtle changes in, for example, how your mouth heals – we will always keep you informed if this does happen.

Tailored treatment plan.

Our clinicians and treatment coordinators will generate a unique and customised treatment plan for you, which will outline the options of different implant treatments available to you. This will take into consideration your preferences and needs as well as your health and available bone.

We will make our recommendation of which treatment we feel is best for you.

After receiving all the information, we encourage our patients to contact our treatment coordinators to review or answer any questions, before completing your decision on whether to proceed. Alternatively, we can arrange a review with one our treating clinicians if required.

Dedicated implant facility with Latest technology and techniques.

Precision Implant Clinic is a sister practice to our existing practice, Cliffgar Dental. At Precision Implant Clinic, we offer a more comprehensive dental implant and oral surgery service to both new and existing clients in a setting that is dedicated to implants and oral surgery. This allows us to operate with reduced waiting times, using equipment and technology which is tailored towards delivering high quality implant dentistry, whilst maintaining patient comfort and discretion. It also is dedicated to high levels of sterility aimed at ensuring success.

Features include:

Onsite parking
On site CBCT
Digital scanning
Dedicated treatment coordination suite
Private recovery or quiet room
Dedicated lab suite for teeth in a day.

Quality implants and products used.

Precision Implant Clinic uses only the highest quality implants and associated components. We realise implants are expensive, and we want to ensure that your investment is well placed. The implants/tooling and components we use are of the highest quality, with good manufacturers warranties, thus ensuring higher long-term success for our patients.

When people travel abroad to save on implants, cheaper implants and components are often used to save on money and this often leads to problems that in turn are bigger and more expensive to fix.

Below is some of our implant manufacturers currently used.