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Dental Anxiety and Sedation

We understand dentistry and anxiety go hand in hand. Over half the UK population is nervous about dentistry, ranging from slight apprehension to panic attacks, and we offer treatments to help combat and overcome dental anxiety.

Our consultations can begin in a non-clinical setting if desired, letting our nervous patients chat to our friendly team in advance of the clinical assessment, easing any fears and answering any questions.

Continuity of care is highly valued by patients, and you will be looked after by the same dentist throughout your attendance at our clinic.

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Pain Free Treatment

We are expertly trained in local anaesthetic techniques and take pride in ensuring pain free treatment with effective local anaesthesia. Additionally, we are highly experienced in dental sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation is routinely offered as part of our patient care package to further ensure patient comfort where appropriate, for both dentally anxious patients and to enhance patient comfort for long/complex procedures.

Dental sedation is an excellent adjunct to patients in overcoming dental anxiety and our dentist trained in sedation in St Marys College London, and our team of nurses includes several who are sedation trained.

IV (Intravenous) sedation

This involves placing a small cannula into a vein in the arm to administer a carefully measured dose of a drug called midazolam. It is usually not uncomfortable, and this method delivers a very quick and predictable sedation where patients are calm, deeply relaxed and much more amenable to treatment. Patients are conscious throughout and you will be able to speak/respond if required. After treatment most patients have very little memory of the procedure, this is often considered a desirable side-effect of the medication and largely seen as an advantage.

Dental sedation of this type is extremely safe. The effects start wearing off within a few hours and are completely worn off by 24 hours post treatment. Sedation of this type will only be offered where patients have arranged an escort for transport and supervision for the remainder of the day.

You cannot drive or operate machinery in this time.

We always complete an assessment of our patients prior to undertaking any form of sedation, this further enhances patient safety. Both forms of sedation are conditional upon completion of a satisfactory medical assessment by our team.